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Miho Ueno

Member Number: 2018268

Gabriel Ufir

Member Number: 2018098

Juan Josť Ugarte Lopetegui

Member Number: 2013125

Friederike Unverzagt
Flash Art (Germany)

Member Number: 2005475

Leonah Unwin

Member Number: 2016381

Paul Upcott

Member Number: 2008085

Rachel Upson

Member Number: 2019175

MJ Urbanek

Member Number: 2011120

Jen Urquhart

Member Number: 2015150

Michelle Urquhart

Member Number: 2010356

Test User

Member Number: 9999

Leela Usher

Member Number: 2006125

Sue Usher

Member Number: 2010098

Shan Usman

Member Number: 2011459

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Disclaimer: Competency

The Association believes that competence is an ongoing process determined by a members individual history in both training and experience. The Association does not make any claim to judge competency of the individual members. The register is provided as a centralised database for information sharing for interested parties to make their own informed judgements of competency. The accuracy of all training and experience information presented in the Association Register of Members is the responsibility of the individual member.
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