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The ASP is a UK administered organisation for people working with stage pyrotechnics. More about us here.

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HSE publishes advice for anyone storing and selling pyrotechnics articles.
The HSE has just published a leaflet aimed at anyone who sells pyrotechnic articles. It outlines the risks and the main legal requirements that apply. It also includes a helpful list of dos and don’ts for dutyholders.
To download a free copy, visit the HSE website here...
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The Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2010
Update on the new Pyrotechnics CE Directive due to come into force very soon
On 4th July this year, the new CE directive comes into force for pyrotechnics.
After this date, product supplied into Europe must be CE certified and labelled accordingly.

Exceptions to this include:
          where HSE classification is still valid until 4th July 2017
          where Homologation numbers are valid until 4th July 2017
          where BAM certified products are valid until 4th July 2017

Le Maitre reports...

          Their Quality Management System has been audited and approved by BAM (Germany) under Module E and their Certificate Number is 2.3/2122/12_1.

           All of their products were passed to BAM some time ago and they are awaiting product by product approvals from them. These have now started to come through, and once they have a complete list they will communicate it.

          The new directive categorises products into T1 and T2 which relate to the level of hazard (see below for a full definition). Le Maitre have recommended to BAM that 99% of their products fall into the T1 category, with only 3 of their products 'possibly' falling into a T2 category.

These are: 
           Line Rockets
           Flash Reports (Concussion)
           Mortar Hits.

However BAM can disagree and re-categorise should they wish.

Category T1:
 Articles for stage use which present a low hazard and which are intended for indoor and outdoor use. Some T1 articles are restricted for outdoor use only and will be denoted and labelled as T1 'for outdoor use only'.
Category T2: Articles for stage use which are intended for use only by “persons with specialist knowledge”. The term 'stage use' includes film and television productions or similar use.
To qualify as a 'person with specialist knowledge',  they must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the supplier that they have:
· Undertaken training recognised in the theatrical profession, in relation to the type of category T2 theatrical pyrotechnic articles to be supplied.

· This must include training* in the nature and correct use of the articles; and in the risks associated with the transport, storage and use of such articles.

· Used category T2 articles

· Valid liability insurance covering use of category T2 theatrical pyrotechnic articles (may be in the name of the individual in question or the employer of that person).

· A “person with specialist knowledge” also includes any person whose trade or business (or a significant part of whose trade or business) is the supply of category T2 theatrical pyrotechnic articles, for the purpose of supplying them in accordance with the regulations. This means that Distributers can buy and supply T2 products.
* The training issue is still very vague and the BIS guidance states the following: "The concept of training recognised in the business, industry or profession does not mean that BIS will be recognising particular training. It is for the supplier to make a judgement as to whether the training in question is sufficient and provided by a person or body with a sufficient reputation in that sector."
** Please note that a “person with specialist knowledge” (T2 user), can handle and/or use articles labelled T1 or T1 'for outdoor use only' in a different manner to that prescribed on the label or within the instructions for use; provided that they have taken due consideration of the hazards and risks that any deviations they make might have. A person with specialist knowledge is expected to have the knowledge to make use of T1 products in a different manner to those prescribed on the label or the instructions.
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Storage of Stage Pyrotechnics
news: nav_info.gifOne of the most frequently asked questions the association receives is 'How should I be storing stage pyrotechnics?'

Whether you are a theatre or other entertainment venue or theatrical supplier, as far as the law is concerned, all pyrotechnic devices are one of four Hazard Types (HT) and these are defined in Regulation 2 of the Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations 2005 (MSER). Which HT a particular device is must be determined by the person storing it or by the manufacturer.

Click here to read the full advice.

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Local Authority Officers- Species identification
In the article section of the website you can find an informative piece on the various types of Local Authority officer who may visit you. The article is reproduced by kind permission of the Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services (LACORS).
Read it here.
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ACoP for MSER published
The HSE have published an Approved Code of Practice to accompany the Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations (MSER). The document can be ordered from any good bookshop or direct from the HSE. The ISBN number is 0717628167.

HSE Books
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Training Courses
The one-day Pyrotechnic Safety Awareness course is run throughout the year at a number of different venues. This course is an ideal introduction for anyone working with stage pyrotechnics, including stage management and stage electricians.

Click 'read more' to see the locations and dates.

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